Step 1: Choose your Species

Keystone species
Sea Otter
Prairie Dog
African Elephant
Sea Star
Sonoran Humming Bird
Mountain Lion
Encyclopedia of Earth

Invasive Species
Lion fish
Pine Beetle
Purple Loose-strife
Stink Bugs
Wild Boars
Much more plants...
Much more animals...
And aquatic species...

Endangered Species
US Fish & Wildlife
IUCN Red List

Step 2: Research your Species

  • Create ONE NoodleTools project to share with your partner and me
  • The dropbox name is "Biodiversity E Block 2013"
  • Refer to the websites below to find an article to cite
  • Create the MLA citation
  • Add Notecards to the citation (be sure to include "Title" and 'My Ideas")
  • You and yoru partner need AT LEAST one Notecard on EACH Research Topic

Suggested Websites:
Science Online
Great Websites


Step 3: Script & Storyboard your Movie

Step 4: Find, Save, and Cite Pictures for your Movie

Step 5: Watch Window's Movie Maker Tutorials & Start your Movie!

Attention! students using their phones for narration, check out "step 13"