Step One: Record Your Audio
  • Open up Audacity by going to the Start menu --> All Programs --> Applications --> Audacity
  • Plug in your headset, making sure the microphone and audio plugs are in the correct inputs.
  • Press the red record button and start speaking. You can tell the audio is working when you see the blue line moving on the screen. If the blue line is not moving on your screen, make sure you plugged your microphone into the correct input in the computer.

Step Two: Export Your Audio

  • After you finish recording your audio, go up to File: Export as MP3
  • Save to your H Drive

Step Three: Upload You Audio

To upload your audio:
  • Put your curser over Publish in the black toolbar at the top of the page
  • Select Podcast --> Quick Post

    1. Select media for your episode - Drag your podcast file to the first box and click Start upload
    2. Enter a title and description - Enter a title for your podcast
    3. Add an Image - Click "skip this step"
    4. Choose a quality level - Standard, then hit Continue
    5. Publish! - click Publish this episode

A box will pop up asking you to go pro - just click no thanks and it will continue on to publish your podcast.

To find your podcasts go to the home page and they will appear at the top right under Podcast.

For additional information on how to use Audacity, check out these tutorials:

  • Audacity Tutorials: A collection of 22 short video tutorials on how to use the program Audacity.